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How To Earn Simoleons In Sims Social Game?
The game is based on real-life replication in virtual space and let`s you adopt whatever personality you want. You can build and make your character evolve with the help of Sim control panel from designing `your` clothes, shoes, looks, etc. You can customize your hairstyles and hair color as well. All the jazz is there, you just need to get going. Though, it is fun by itself to design and develop your movie online personality in Sims Social, there is more. You can interact with other online people in real time. A player uses his Sim personality to interact with other Facebook friends or their Sim personalities. There is no limit to the exciting relationships you could create, nurture, evolve, and enjoy on Sims Social.
Like in a realtime human experinces, person skills are important to move ahead in the Sims Social game. As you move up the levels, you improve your skills to unlock various goodies and rewards. Skills could be relating to professional expertise or hobbies. For example, you might like to choose abilities like painting, music or even cooking.
Replicating the real-life scenario, there is money too. A player has to earn Simoleons to make progress in the game. These Simoleons act as money in the Sims Social game. There are numerous ways for making Simoleons but a player must know from which activity he can earn more Simoleons in less time.
It seems to be very easy and interesting though it is not very easy to earn those Simoleons. Player have to perform an activity or a task that makes them happy. Happiness is a major quotient in the Sims Social game. Your Sim personality would be happy only if all the needs are fulfilled. If your Sim is unhappy, then you can never move up the level satisfactorily. And, the more satisfied your Sim is, the more easily you would be able to earn more Simoleons in less time.
But the Simoleons earned only by keeping the Sim happy are not enough to grow in the game and move up the various levels. You need to buy some items from the shop to expand your home and you may need Simoleons to do so.
My advice to you is to start by completing the missions that will help you in earning Simoleons. Do make optimum use of the inspired mode of your Sim through which you may obtain bonus Simoleons. In `inspired mode`, try to perform your skill activity so that the opportunity of getting more bonus Simoleons can be made use of.
The other way you can opt for is earning Simoleons while performing some household activities like gardening, photography, repairing some items etc. These types of activities will make you move to higher levels. Making money at the higher levels of the game is pretty much easier that at the lower levels of the game.
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