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Titans` Finnegan Dirty? Depends On Who, When Asked
Cortland Finnegan is polished, often forgetting to say \"Thank You\" and \"Yes, ma`am.\" She works hard for charity, having been too patient with cancer of the wheelchair to school five miles from a road race through before heading to practice.
In the field, the Tennessee Titans cornerback now has a slightly different reputation, thanks to his battle royal with receiver Andre Johnson of Houston. Finnegan said Wednesday he was shocked by how it is perceived that every fine Sunday Brawl for $ 25.000 each.
\"For me, without changes, but the game remains strong and physical, I`m almost at a loss.\" I can still play football. If free movie he never retaliates, so you never have this conversation. Someone has to take revenge , and this is the golden boy so now I`m the bad guy, \"said Finnegan.
Earlier this year, Finnegan said he wanted to be known as the dirtiest player in the NFL. After a battle that made all the highlight reels, he says it was a joke. Deion Sanders has used his incredible speed to close NFL receivers. Ronnie Lott did with hitting hard. The sub-Finnegan is a good talker who is constantly trying to emulate the game, Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis.
\"Man, he plays with such passion and so much love for the game, I always wanted to be Ray Lewis,\" said Finnegan. teammates love. Recipients who regularly play against him agree, he is fiery, not 150th Dirty One thing is certain: never the end, the physical style that prevailed in Johnson Bring helmet Finnegan`s and moaning from him with his fist served him  good.
From a children`s book coming out of high school in Milton, Florida, Samford finally become an NFL starter despite a late round pick of the cycle, the position of Finnegan`s remained the same.This chip on his shoulder has been, self-described \"little guy just trying to fight my whole life.\" Finnegan works continuously to receivers, to chase the ball to pay for his size. He has a tendency to a little ‘too revved up from time to time.
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